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Sun, Feb 27


5C Arena & Event Center

Wing Barrel Productions Winter/Spring Barrel Series

Winter/Spring Barrel Series produced by Wing Barrel Productions! Follow the Wing Barrel Productions Facebook Group for more info and updates.

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Date(s) & Location

Feb 27, 2022, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

5C Arena & Event Center, 224 Rusty Spur Way, Corvallis, MT 59828, USA

About the event

2022 Wing Barrel Productions Winter/Spring Series Guidelines


Office opens at 5:00-NO riding prior to 5:00

Time onlies 5-6:30

Peewees 6:30

Youth, Open, Novice to follow!


$100 minimum added to each race.

$40 Open Entry Fee (.5 second splits)

$25 Youth Entry Fee (1 second splits 3D)

$25 Senior Entry Fee (.5 second splits 3D)

$25 Novice Horse Entry Fee (1 Second splits 3D)

$10 Peewee Entry Fee (no payout-prize only-no arena fee)

$15 Arena Fee

$5 or 3/$12 Time onlies

70/30 payout using BRN4D Payout system

Age Divisions

Youth: 18 and under as of February 11th, 2022 (spring series start date)

Senior: 40+

Peewee: 8 and under as of February 11th, 2022 (spring series start date)

Novice division is open to horses that have less than $1,000 LTE and have ran less than 2 years! **this division is NOT based on rider!**

Race Guidelines

  1. Open to all riders and horses. Riders may enter on multiple horses and two different riders are able to enter on the same horse. *The same horse can not be ran more than two times!
  2. $40 open entry fee, $25 youth entry fee, $25 senior entry fee, $25 novice horse fee. Open runners may carry over to the youth, novice and senior. $15 office fee per race. 70% payout with 100% of added money; minimum $100 added to each series race.
  3. Open 4D will be paid out in 4D format with ½ second splits. All late, drop out and office fees will be sustained by the committee.
  4. The average will be a TRUE AVERAGE based on the four fastest runs per horse/rider combination of the series, even if all series races were entered. The average will be calculated using Barrel Race America software.
  5. Buckles will be awarded to the winner of each D of the open. Other awards will be contingent upon sponsors.
  6. A knocked barrel will result in a no time.
  7. An electric timer will be used. If timer fails the contestant will be given the option of a rerun. If a barrel is hit and the timer fails, the rider will NOT be given a re-run; the tipped barrel results in a NT.
  8. If a timer is hit by a contestant, a $75 fee will be incurred.
  9. The ground will be raked every 5 runs and big drags will be determined by the total number of entries.
  10. Pre entries are requested. One week prior to each race, a post will be made on facebook for pre-entries.
  11. Entries will be taken day-of up until the last runner in the open race runs but will incur a $10 late fee. If a pre entry is taken and the rider does not show up, a $25 fee will be applied before the rider can enter the next race. This will be enforced!
  12. Must run in 4 of the 7 Spring Series races to qualify for series prizes.
  13. Riders may not switch their horses’ positions. Horses must run as they appear in the draw.
  14. Youth division is open to all riders 18 and under as of February 11, 2022. May enter multiple horses. $25 entry fee. Youth will be paid out in 3D format with 1 second splits.
  15. Senior 3D is open to all riders 40 and up. May enter multiple horses. $25 entry fee. .5 second splits.
  16. Novice division is based on the HORSE'S career earnings. Horse's with less than $1,000 lifetime earnings AND has been ran for less than 2 years can run in the novice. If the horse earns more than $1,000 DURING the series, they may continue to run in the division until they have met their 4 race requirement for the average awards.
  17. If an open runner has "carried" to the senior or novice, they may opt to RUN their senior or novice after their open run. They are required to pay a $5 office fee and notify the office ASAP of the change. This policy ensures our horses are improving each run and allows the contestant to make improvements-which is the focus of Wing Barrel Productions.

Peewee Guidelines

  1. Peewee division is open to all riders 8 and under as of February 11, 2022
  2. $10 entry fee, arena fee is waived.
  3. Peewee contestants can not enter any other division.
  4. The peewee barrel pattern will be placed on the lasers with a 40ft eye-the same as the open pattern.
  5. The peewees will receive a prize for each race-no cash payout.
  6. The peewees will be a 3D with a 5 second split between D's at each race and the average will be based on the average of the 4 fastest runs (20 second split between each D for the average!)
  7. A tipped barrel OR a broken pattern will result in a NO TIME.
  8. If there are no eligible peewees in the average for each D, we will make the average based on three races rather than 4
  9. All executive decisions in this regard will be left to Brittney Wing.

5C Arena & Event Center, Brittney Wing, and the Spring Barrel Series Producers reserve the right to refuse any entry, draw out contestants at any time, at their discretion with or without notifying the contestant or horse owner ahead of time. There is a zero-tolerance policy for the mistreatment of animals and it will be enforced! Refunds will be given on the committee’s judgment.

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